SHERO (for extraordinary impact)
Mariame Kaba –A special THANK YOU for the impact you have made on our fundraising efforts.

Institutional Donors and Individual Donors of $500 and up are recognized here:

CRUSADER ($10,000+)
McCormick Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

ACTIVIST ($5,000 – $10,000)
Black Women’s Blueprint
Harry Edwards
John W. Rowe

($1000 – $4,999)
Association of Black Women Historians
Chernoff Family Fund
The Community Builders
Conant Family Foundation
Connie Swiner III Fund
Field Foundation of Illinois
Linn-Mathes, Inc.
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Mamby On The Beach Festival and React Presents
J. Michael and Julie Whitted Family Foundation

David and Gemma Beckley
Rachel Bedard
Karen Bowie
Nicole Cliffe
Tanya Crossley
Kenneth and Marcia Dam
Virginia M. Harding, Gould & Ratner LLP
John Hasse
Bethany Hockenberry
Elizabeth Julian
Mariame Kaba
Dolores Kohl Kaplan
Piper Kerman
Lisa Lee
Brittani Manzo
Nathaniel A. Marshall
Eve Moran
Aldon Morris
Bettylu and Paul Saltzman
Kevin Savetz
Patricia A. Schechter
Brenda M. Shapiro
Erin Siegal
John Stephens

EDUCATOR ($500 – $999)

Alfreda Wells Duster Civic Club
Chicago Women’s History Center
Chicago Teachers Union
Garrison Fund
Ida B. Wells Memorial Foundation
Investigative Reporters & Editors, Inc.
Jackson Association of Black Journalists
Jewish Federation of Cleveland
O’Donnell Ginther Family Foundation
Oregon Community Foundation
Rust College Agency Fund
Target Group

Thomas Balliett
Judith and Philip D. Block III
Meriko Borogove
Julie Brown and Steven Schneck
Ethan Brown
Zerrin Bulut
Stacey Carr
Renee Chu
William Cobb
Marjorie Coward
JaDell Davis
Mary Kathleen Duff
J. Mark Edwards
Charlotte Flinn, Flinn Consultants
Deborah Franczek
John and Ellen Friedman
Krista Gigone
Dawn Grenier
Nikole Hannah-Jones
Crystal Hayling and Chris Misner
Jeannine Hunter
Dr. Tera W. Hunter
Erin Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson
Bomani Jones
Maria Kronfeld
Nathan LaPorte and Leah Handel
Ann Lesch
William J. and Pamela A. Lowe
Oliver Mellet
Naomi Murakawa
Shirley J. Newsome
John K. Notz, Jr.
Michael Owens
Jessica Peterson
Rachel Park
Mary Pattillo
Sidney Paul
Myriam Pierre Warren
The Porter Family
Dr. Samuel Roberts and Dr. Christina Greer
Piper and Jono Rothschild
Mark Ryan
Virginia Sapiro
Gale and Karen Saulsberry
Julie Scelfo
Tabbye Sellers
H. Michael Stevens
Gibson Stroupe and Susan Leach
Grace Suarez
Megan Trainor
Deborah Wedgeworth
The Ida B. Wells Family
Darrell Williams
Linda C. Wing, Ph.D.
Ho-Mui Wong

ORATOR ($499 and below)
Ford Foundation
Fourth Community Service Organization
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Holder of the Keys Property Management, LLC
Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum
Kam Isaiah Israel Congregation
Law Offices of Gerard T. Fox, LLC
Local Initiatives Support Corp.
Lynching Sites Project of Memphis
MB Real Estate Services, LLC
McCormick Gallery
McShane Construction Company
Nicor Gas
Peoples Gas
Pfizer Foundation
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, School of Business
S.P.S. Properties of Chicago