Members of the Ida B. Wells Monument committee – including Wells’ great-grandchildren Dan and Michelle Duster – gathered at Richard Hunt’s studio to view the final design for the monument. We can’t give anything else away, but trust us when we say that we cannot WAIT to see the monument in place this year!

Thank you to everyone who has donated!  Additional donations will support the creation of the complementary Phase 2 elements that will complete the Monument.

We envision a monumental artwork honoring the life, work and words of Ida B. Wells, located in Bronzeville, the Chicago neighborhood where she once lived, worked and raised her family.

The art is a tribute to a legendary African-American woman who made a substantial contribution to civil rights for women and minorities during her lifetime, and left a great legacy of published writings.  The central sculpture, created by Richard Hunt, one of Chicago’s most honored sculptors, invites reflection on Ida B. Wells’ writings and life, and provides inspiration to those who view this work of art. The monument is a part of the City of Chicago’s Public Art Collection.