The Ida B. Wells Commemorative Art Committee

The Ida B. Wells Commemorative Art Committee is a subcommittee of the Oakwood Shores Working Group, a committee designated by the Chicago Housing Authority to oversee and provide input on planning, developing and maintaining the mixed-income community replacing the Ida B. Wells public housing development. For many years, the Oakwood Shores Working Group has helped to address a wide range of topics related to the complex work of transforming the community, including relocation and return of former residents, development, lease-up and management of the new housing, services and programs for residents and community building.


Anthony Rogers, Co-Chair
Sandra Young, Co-Chair


Julie Elena Brown
Prentice Butler
Jessica Caffrey
Dan Duster*
Michelle Duster*
Em Hall
Virginia M. Harding
Tiffany Ingram
Ald. Sophia King
Nathan Mason
Vanessa McClinton
Eve Moran, Esq
Shirley J. Newsome
Lee Pratter
Claudice Ware
Joseph Williams

In Memoriam:
Donald L. Duster*
Leroy Square

*Member of the Ida B. Wells family